Iris Apfel and Michele Lamy

Fashion Icons

MichelLamy and IrisArpel_0842MichelLamyandIrisArpel_0843MichelLamyandIrisArpel_0852

Michel Lamy the wife of Rick Owens and Iris Apfel are two of the true authentic fashion icons of our times, each one has their style, their signature their “role” in this ever changing industry where you may change as many times the clothes and the trends, but style is something you got, or not, I am not pretty sure one can really learn to do what these ladies do with accessories and clothes, I dare to say they use all “these” items of fashion to express something that comes from within, a calling that uses external objects to express something that is inside and goes beyond a trend or a season, their personality is strong enough to go beyond them, but they have fun using them with a purpose. In the time I have been as an observer and storyteller in this industry, I think if fashion has  any true purpose, is to become an instrument of an expression of who we truly are, even though it seems it is all the contrary, trying to dictate us who to be, what to wear to be “cool”or in “fashion”.

A part fashion philosophy here is a nice moment before the Rick Owens show, you can see they are even recognizable by their shadow!

In any case I do admire them and I would love to be in their will and have one or two of those accessories :).

Be Yourself.


Yavidan V.

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