The Red Dress

Nina Ricci FW 2015


Almost every collection in the last FW16 fashion week in Paris had a red dress, from Westwood to Vuitton passing through many others. I don’t know why, was it part of the trends forecast book that designers get or a message?, who knows…

My favorite one, the one at Nina Ricci, elegant, simple yet it will make some head turns, it left me thinking , maybe it is time women forget that little black dress, which I am sure many have more than one and go and the “The Red Dress”, the one that will not be the “passe par tout” but the one that will make you be the star of the night, not vulgar, not flashy but elegant, feminine, with a charisma of its own that will team up with yours, the one you look from the back and people will want to know , who is that girl in that red dress, there is something about her, about her dress… is it not time to stop trying to blend in and just shine out a little more and maybe a Red Dress can be a bold little step towards that. Maybe wearing it will help us play a new part of us we did not know it existed, maybe for a night?

Are you ready to stand out?


Yavidan V.

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