A moment in time

Rick Owens FW 16


Sometimes you have those little moments backstage in the line up, where the outfit of the girl, the light and everything that is happening around is creating the perfect picture, in those times I do feel more like a painter than a photographer, many times I imagine how Renoir painted those big garden parties, capturing the essence of the moment, there was no photo it was all a blend of his experience at the moment and a memory, in photography it is a mili-second you either get it or not, a different light or geste will be totally a different photo and a different story. Yet as the painter we both have the same mission to immortalize a moment forever, to tell the story of our times through our eyes and our perception. So here we are 2016 at the Rick Owens show probably looking at this outfit that looks very avant garde for our times but maybe it will be the uniform of the future…

Be in the moment.


Yavidan V>

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