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My first ever editorial. Glamour in the Park.

Sunday, Fashion & Love

It is Sunday afternoon, I came out from a wonderful lunch with my adoptive family (This post is for you), I wanted to take a walk, my favorite sport in Paris, because you never know what you may come cross with, you really can get amazing surprises, many times when I take a walk in the Seine is to think of things that are important to me, when I have to make a big decision, or if I am not sure what to do, this walk is my therapy and friend and many times when I come back home I feel more calm and I have an answer. As my birthday is approaching I thought about the future, what to do with all this new experience, home and many things, in my way I found  two wonderful things a fashion photo shoot at sunset and a beautiful couple taking their wedding pictures just as the sun was settling down, simply inspiring moments. I want to think  I have got the answer to my question of what is to come : fashion & love … I will keep you posted!

The pictures where taken with my Iphone.


“Le Printemps c’est PARIS”

Last Friday I walked by the Printemps store and loved the new windows created by Bettina Rheims (Photographer) & Serge Bramly (Film Director). As I woke up today the one thing I wanted to do is go photograph them for you. The concept is really fun mixing video and photography in 9 different windows each one dedicated to one designer among them there was Valentino, Balenciaga, Jill Sander, Nina Ricci, Martin Margiela, Dries Van Noten and Marni. The story goes around a lucky girl (Ana Beatriz Barros) who descends to the ceiling of Printemps to have the privilege to have the store to herself, she can try on whatever she wants, in the middle of her adventure she finds to things a pile of cards that give her the mission to rescue the Diamond Covered Eiffel Tower and she also finds Love! And Paris is the inspiration to all this. As for the reflections on the window they are on purpose, they are part of photographic of windows,  I just apologize if once in a while you see my shoes!!

It must be a true story, it happens everyday in Paris. May all of us fall into Printemps and get anything we want!




The Product of True Love

Today is one of those days I hesitated on taking my camera or not with me when I was going to lunch with Céline the Press officer of Walter Steiger, but that little voice inside of me said, “Take it Yavidan, you never know if you can miss picture moment” , I am so glad I listened. As we came back from lunch there where preparing to film Mr. Walter Steiger for a special reportage that will be aired on France 2 just before Valentine’s day, the theme of course it that famous day and the point of view of different  personalities about this day. Mr. Steiger had to make an analogy between the creation of shoes and relationships for what I could understand, I did not want to be so nosy, I was already grateful to be able to watch. He explained how the idea of a new shoe came to his mind, was it a drawing? a shape? a color?, the result will come out the day of the program. It was exciting to see him talk about his creations, his passion for creation and his continuous search of perfection.

But it did leave me thinking about the relationship between shoes and love, maybe not in it’s creation but on the fit, true love is like a custom made shoe, it fits perfectly, when you find that pair that simply goes with everything and you want to walk with for a loooooooooong time. It is like a second skin. I have ordered my pair to the Universe (sweet, smart, unique, lol!)  and expecting prompt delivery ;).

I want to give a special thanks to Céline for a great lunch and her hospitality, as well as to Mr. Steiger and France 2 for letting me hang around the filming.

Listen to that little voice, it knows what it’s talking about…


Eva Green & Catherine Houard

Catherine Houard Gallery

Exposition of the Green family

Eva Green for Dior

Apart from finding chic beautiful people on the streets of Paris once in a while you can get a very nice surprise.

Last Monday while I was at Saint Germain I noticed there was a photo shoot in front of a gallery, from far away I could not distinguish who it was, as I approached I was nicely surprised to see Eva Green posing with Catherine Houard owner of an important gallery. That morning they were having the press presentation of the Green exhibition, retrospective of the work of different members of Eva’s family that have worked in fashion in some way or the other.

For more details visit go here.

Stay tuned for more  surprises.

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  1. The Sunday in Paris si sooooo Romantic and fashionable, how lucky you were to get those 2 shots together, and what an eye, I can’t beleive you took the photos with you I phone, one more reason to get one.


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