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Hanibal Laguna, Fall Winter 2012 (Madrid)

One thing is the little black dress and other The Perfect Black Dress, long or short I truly believe an amazing balck dress well accessorize is a guaranteed ticket for glamour. You give personality to the dress, or in a way the dress is a frame of your personality. Hannibal Laguna famous for his wedding dresses in Spain in is te choice of many celebrities like Paz Vega. This season wanted to show us his talent with the opposite color : Black. With a 1920’s style in a shadow and light ambiance, Laguna prooved that his talent for beautiful dresses can be very well adapted to black. This was one of my favorite collections, I think I want all the dresses ( I think you would to).

Be Perfect,



Versace FW 2011

This is my 100th post, you might have noticed I like to celebrate the little things (3 months of my blog for example), but I truly believe when you celebrate these things you open the way for wonderful things into your life because you are grateful. I have chosen to post about the Versace FW 2011 collection because it was an amazing moment for me, because Gianni Versace while alive was the designer who inspired me the most when I started to fall in love with fashion, his amazing campaigns photographed by Richard Avedon and Mario Testino  where the biggest models starred (Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Kristy Turlington, Kate Moss, Amber Veletta, among many others)  where the wall paper of my room, while other girls had the New Kids in the Block I had them (:) ), I did feel bad when he died and would loved to see him in person one day. I had the opportunity to assist the show and be seated on one of the best seats of the house : the middle of the podium area, I have no idea how I got that lucky, it must be a little angel somewhere.  This last collection took in a discreet way some of the classic codes of the Versace brand, like the Medusa, the tulip and the sexy cut of the dresses, it was a safe collection yet beautiful, I definitely would love one of those Tulip dresses :). I dedicate this post to MM and in some way in memory of Gianni Versace!



Manish Arora FW 2011

Of all the invitations I received, the one show I was eagerly waiting to see is the Manish Arora one. I read not a long time ago on a Fashion publication that he would take over the Creative Direction of Paco Rabbane and that he was considered the “Indian Jhon Galliano”, with that information, expectations become high of course. Now I can say I have seen in one season a considerable amount of shows to be able to distinguish the “extraordinary” and the “regular”, and Manish Arora’s show is in the extraordinary side, Just the beginning with a Magician that made a model appear from a bow filled with fire (I will a make a post just from that!), was a great turn on for the audience. The most influential journalists (Suzy Menkes, Godfrey Deny & Hilary Alexander) had a surprised face, that is not easy to get I have followed them for two weeks and that is a real challenge. A collection inspired on the Gipsy esprit, femenity and color, was original, beautiful and wearable, the designer took his colors trade marks to a new level offering a collection to suit any woman who wants to brighten their winter wardrobe with chromatic charm. As for the shoes, I can say I am in love, I want a pari of boots with the flower applications, my closet is shouting for a pair, and Violeta Purple needs them to start creating her new look for the next winter season. The day I make editorials I think there will be a lot of his clothes. A special thanks to Jonathan from Totem that send me the invitation.



Shoes : Manish Arora, of course!!

The Sexy side of Couture

This past Fashion week I had the opportunity to discover new designers among them there is Alexandre Vauthier a mix of 7o’s glamour, rock and old hollywood make up, a really sexy collection that goes out of the frame of the regular Haute Couture collections I have seen this week, no wonder Rihanna has chosen many of his designs to her concerts of special events. He launched his first collection on January 20th 2009, just as a little not I think January 20th is a lucky day is when I met Jean Paul Gaultier but in 2011 (yes I know, by now you must think I am obsessed with him!!). Alexandre’s collection was a very nice surprise and a pleasure to shoot with the lighting and the effect of the mirror it was just perfect, even though where I was it was not easy to manage full body pictures I got good frames, which permit me to go out from the regular fashion pictures. If you want more information on the designer please visit his site. Today I don’t have an inspiring though to share but I leave you with this phrase :

The greatest achievement was at first, and for a time, but a dream.” —Napoleon Hill



Stephane Rolland SS2011 : The Back of the Dress

Some dressed have a 360 degrees beauty, a complete sculpture and in the case of the dresses designed by Stephane Rolland and other couturiers like On Aura tout Vu. The back of the dresses deserve a post on their own. In this case I give the spotlight to Stephan Rolland, who is really an architect of beauty, it takes to see these photos to simply agree, each dress with a different shape and finish. Look at the different angles of life circumstances good ones or bad ones you will be surprised on what you may find and definitely have a richer vision of life.



On Aura Tout Vu : Angel or Demon

The show of “On Aura Tout VU” that translates at “We might have seen it all” was held on the last day of the SS Haute Couture in Paris, they make honor to their name and they made a right choice on showing the last day, I can tell you I might have thought I saw it all but when you see their creations you know you have not. The theme : Demon or Angel, was creatively worked all through the clothes, with the feathers, the fake horns, the colors black and white, it really was unique and beautiful. They made a collaboration with several famous brands like CARON, Wolford, Mac and among others to put it all together. Besides de creativity the thing that touched me the most was the feeling of teamwork the whole fashion house has  the designers, Livia Stoianova, Yassen Samoulov & Andre de Sà Pessoa brought all the team out after they saluted the audience, like a big happy family, I have never seen that and I found that really touching and to admire, because great creations take the effort of several talented hands, specially when it comes to Haute Couture. A big Bravo to all the team!

As for the wedding dress I know a famous pop star that must be ordering them in every color, not only for her wedding :). You might be asking yourself, why the pink shoes? They are beautiful daring pink Steigers (Walter Steiger). A big thank you to Céline and Fred who made it possible to assist the show.

Individually, we are a drop. Together, we are the Ocean.



Olimpia Le-Tan, Intellectually Chic,

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