Saint Laurent SS 2018

SaintLaurent_1SaintLaurent_2SaintLaurent_3SaintLaurent_4SaintLaurent_5SaintLaurent_9It has been more than six months I have not posted anything, the truth is I have not really been interested in fashion as it is now, the speed, the bloggers, the rat race,  to make collections that create likes in instagram and results in the anual statements, I believe fashion has a much deeper meaning than that and hope creatives and brands will realize it.

Yet I have to say that as photographer looking for unique moments I like to take my peak in this world and capture unique moments, beauty , color , glamour and a unique frenzy sometimes get in “rendez vous” in these fashion weeks, and as philosophical as I may get and loyal to my beliefs I feel lucky to be once in a while a spectator of this crazy world and when inspired capture some moments that have an estheticism and beauty of their own.

Here are the images of the latest collection of Saint Laurent Paris by Anthony Vaccarello, a few days after the death of the legendary partner of Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Bergé, this collection felt as a soft homage to both souls that made this brand come alive, not a copy but a true inspiration under Vaccarello’s eyes in front of the iconic Eiffel tower, the symbol of Laurent’s home: Paris.

I liked the collection it was a nice marriage of glamour, rock and heritage :).

I hope to continue to get some inspiration this week to share mode stories and feelings.

Be inspired,

Yavidan V.

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