Forget “Resolutions” make Revolutions


I don’t believe in resolutions, just the word of simply affirming you will not do something makes it kind of weak it almost feel like a “have to” the end of the year and the beginning of the new one is an opportunity to review your life ( actually any time is a good time) but it is a good time to check in. For some of the things you truly have wanted to improve or change and have not, resolutions may not be the solution but a “revolution” one where you stand up for who you are and what your heart want, where you decide to tear down the old systems and beliefs that have kept you from making that “resolution” a reality. Gather your strength but mainly the love for your cause and yourself to make it happen, give in intention more than will, break the walls of fear and false beliefs and know once you decide with your heart as Paolo Coelho says in his book The Alquimist “the whole universe conspires to help you make it a reality”. Revolutions don’t need to be aggressive just decisive, “there is no turning back” :).

Be a Revolutionarie!




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