Rainbow Colors

Armani Prive FW 2015

ArmaniPriveSS16092ArmaniPriveSS16085ArmaniPriveSS16084ArmaniPriveSS16094ArmaniPriveSS16087ArmaniPriveSS16071ArmaniPriveSS16086ArmaniPriveSS16083ArmaniPriveSS16082ArmaniPriveSS16081ArmaniPriveSS16080ArmaniPriveSS16072ArmaniPriveSS16073ArmaniPriveSS16074ArmaniPriveSS16075ArmaniPriveSS16079 copyArmaniPriveSS16077

I am still getting around the last photos of the year I came about the photos of the last Haute Couture show of Armani, always elegant a little  of the 80’s air ( all in all i did not understand the hair!) but anyway it is fashion, you don’t have to. Here are my favorite moments.

Be colorful,


Yavidan Violeta

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