Au Revoir 2015

Say Goodbye with Style and Smile


The end of the year is the perfect time to say “Good bye” to all of that maybe was not what you expected in this year, reflect and decide what is that to be left behind and don’t be sad, angry or frustrated smile and gracefully let it go wether it is a relationship, a work situation, weight whatever it is put on a smile, your best dress and gracefully let it go into the light, give space for the new, take the lessons learnt and be grateful everything is part of big plan even the icky stuff, it is part of connecting the dots, it is a key ingredient to the amazing story that your life is unfolding , don’t carry unnecessary things to the new year and walk through the midnight bells smiling, grateful for all the good you had this year from relationships to the champagne your are toasting with and finally be excited for what  wonderful surprises 2016 will have for you. A new year is like a new journal, throw away the old pen, buy a shiny new one and permit yourself to lovingly, creatively and faithfully create a year that will be memorable, not only for you, but those around you.



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