Here comes the Queen

Corrie Nielsen FW 2014

corrienielsenfw2014IMG_3258 corrienielsenfw2014IMG_3254 corrienielsenfw2014IMG_3255 corrienielsenfw2014IMG_3256 CorrieNielsenfw2014IMG_3257

Today is the opening of the awaited Paris Fashion Week FW 2014 the last of the main circuit, we always save the best for last. Here is one the first shows, Corrie Nielsen who normally shows in London, the eccentric designer won in 2010 the Fashion Figure Award, the price was given by John Galliano. The show tool place in the Mirrors Salon in the heart in Paris inside one of its most famous “passages” With the sounds of opera music she presented her collection  called Cradle of Humanity, according to her the collection was a mirror of the emotions of a woman, If we look at it from this perspective I am not sure what emotions this dress is :), but in any case was an Haute Couture moment inside Pret-a-Porter, it reminded me in indirect way to the customs in the Elizabeth movie with Cate Blanchet. Here comes the queen.

Be Emotional,




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