The Perfect Moment, the Perfect Hat

Aganovich FW 2014

aganovichfw2014IMG_3392 aganovichfw2014IMG_3396 aganovichIMG_3404 aganovichfw2014IMG_3395 Aganovichfw2014IMG_3405 aganovichfw2014IMG_3394

There are moments in a show that can be defined as “the moment” and who knows maybe a moment in the image archive of the designers through time, today the duo of Aganovich gave sumptuous show in the Grands Salons of La Sorbonne, a very unique location used rarely, but it was right for the scenario to frame the drama and creativity.  They presented their FW 2014 collection which I did not know what to expect sometimes I loved their work sometimes I did not get it completely, but this time I felt the consolidation of a vision and style, unique tailoring, fabrics a mix of the old and the avant-garde an eclectic mix that they have managed to pull off. This look is my favorite and it defines a lot, it creates a moment beyond the clothes, an authentic moment for them to own, like the mandarin dress of Yves Saint Laurent, something to be remembered, the perfect moment sometimes has a perfect ally, here is the perfect hat :). I really love Aganovich and I am very happy to see their evolution to their style and “voice” that I am sure is on the way of paving more and more success. Soon you will have more looks.

Be authentic,




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