Plein Success

Phillipp Plein Men’s SS 2014 PhillippPleinSS2014IMG_7571 PhillipPleinIMG_7522 phillipplenIMG_0353 PhillippPleinss2014IMG_7573 PhillippPleinSS2014IMG_7523 PhillippPleinss2014IMG_7574 PhillippPleinss2014IMG_7525 PhillipPleinSS2014IMG_7524 PhillippPleinSS2014IMG_7576 PhillippPleinss2014IMG_7511 PhillippPleinIMG_7577

The eccentric Philipp Plein is gaining his territory in the fashion scene, some people don’t necessarily like this “excessiveness” or “New Rich Style” air but he is creating a name with those who do and climbing the fame ladder with top model high prized shows ( I would add sometimes quite fun inside all the extravaganza). HIs major customers are in Russia, Middle East and the USA. On a personal level I like Philip Plein’s all is possible personality and not being shy about it contrary making it happen and living it up. We will see what will happen in the following season’s keep him in the radar. Here are some scenes of his last Spring Summer 2014 show held in Milan, closing the show with super model Isabella Fontani  and my favorite male model Clement Chabernaud who I knew that after his Fursac campaign he would rocket up his career today he is the face of Prada.

Be Extravagant,




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