Tattoos and Smiles

Bill Tornade FW 2014 BilltornadetattooIMG_1534 billtornadetattooIMG_1536 billtornadetattooIMG_1537 BilltornadetattoosIMG_1538 BilltornadetattooIMG_1535 billtornadetatoosIMG_1539

There is something about tattoos that just is sexy, some people like them, some don’t I just believe in some cases they become a permanent dress with a story sometimes meaningful sometimes spontaneous but there is alway a story, or just ask anyone that has one. They are an addiction too they say when you get one you want another one and so on, which is the case of Alex whom I met in the backstage of Bill Tornade I had the opportunity to meet and greet him who between proudness and shyness accepted to pose for me for this post. Doesn’t he just look beautiful :).

Be Shy,




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