Waiting for the show in Style

Stylishly Patient

When I have an invitation to the shows I like to come early, find my place and observe what goes on from a distance, it is fun, it is inspiring, it is an experience by itself. As I arrived to the Manish Arora show I found my spot and started to observe, I found this elegant young man among the crowd and I had to photograph him, he was so perfect, so beautiful in a way, so natural, I don’t need him to pose for me or any one I just need to catch him at his natural best (I could promote him on a YSL commercial), and that is what I love to do, I don’t like poses I like natural beauty, I believe if ¬†someone is beautiful, charismatic or stylish they don’t need to pose, you just need to catch them in an authentic moment, and that is what I found in this handsome man, wearing a bow tie and looking so cool. Some editor told me that it was more credible to make people pose for you, but the idea does not convince me yet, so many people do that, I prefer to hunt moments and make my challenge to make them natural and beautiful, with out being forced. But it is true I just have at least asked his name! He deserves his credit for looking so cute.

Just be Natural.



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  1. I totally agree, I think posing can definitely ruin pictures sometime. I just discovered your blog and I love it! I’m living in Paris at the moment too, and was actually outside this show too… but without an invitation, haha. But I did get into Elie Saab, which I see you were also at! Anyway, following you on bloglovin’!


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