Manish Arora FW 2011

Magic, Beauty & Color

Of all the invitations I received, the one show I was eagerly waiting to see is the Manish Arora one. I read not a long time ago on a Fashion publication that he would take over the Creative Direction of Paco Rabbane and that he was considered the “Indian Jhon Galliano”, with that information, expectations become high of course. Now I can say I have seen in one season a considerable amount of shows to be able to distinguish the “extraordinary” and the “regular”, and Manish Arora’s show is in the extraordinary side, Just the beginning with a Magician that made a model appear from a bow filled with fire (I will a make a post just from that!), was a great turn on for the audience. The most influential journalists (Suzy Menkes, Godfrey Deny & Hilary Alexander) had a surprised face, that is not easy to get I have followed them for two weeks and that is a real challenge. A collection inspired on the Gipsy esprit, femenity and color, was original, beautiful and wearable, the designer took his colors trade marks to a new level offering a collection to suit any woman who wants to brighten their winter wardrobe with chromatic charm. As for the shoes, I can say I am in love, I want a pari of boots with the flower applications, my closet is shouting for a pair, and Violeta Purple needs them to start creating her new look for the next winter season. The day I make editorials I think there will be a lot of his clothes. A special thanks to Jonathan from Totem that send me the invitation.



Shoes : Manish Arora, of course!!

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