Ulyana Sergeenko Couture FW 2014

Ulyana Sergeenko Couture FW 2014

Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014884884 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014877877 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014878878 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014879879 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014881881 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014882882 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014883883 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014886886 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014887887 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014888888 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014889889 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014890890 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014891891 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014892892 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014893893 ulyana segeenko8175 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014894894 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014895895 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014896896 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014898898 Ulyana_Sergeenko_FW20149 Ulyana_Sergeenko4 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014901901 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014899899 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014900900 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014902902 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014903903 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014904904 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014905905 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014906906 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014907907 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014908908 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014909909 Ulyana_Sergeenko Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014910910 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014911911 Ulyana Sergeenko_FW2014912912

Ulyana Sergeenko is in some way a reflection of her creations, Elegant, graceful and unique, I have had the opportunity to go to two of her shows and I have to say they have been really nice, even nicer than some of the major houses. Her shows in a simple way have something extraordinary, last July the models came out of a giant swan sculpture in the middle of a cold concrete room, making a true contrast of darkness and light. Collection wise it was very nice a mix of the future with classic beauty, I loved almost every dress and yes the bags are like nice pieces of jewelry of La Belle Epoque. My favorite thing, catching the reflection of the models in the mirror :).

Be Graceful.



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