Precious Moments

Oscar Carvallo Couture FW 2014

OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014913913 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014915915 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014916916 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014917917 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014918918 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014919919 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014921921 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014925925 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014926926 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014922922 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014927927 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014928928 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014929929 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014920920 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014931931 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014930930 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014933933 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014934934 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014932932 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014935935 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014936936 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014937937 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014938938 OscarCarvalloCouture_FW2014939939

I have been covering many shows in the last 3 years and I have to say that one of my favorite one is Oscar Carvallo’s, it is a lottery of candid moments, so many I have to divide the post in two!. I was witness of Oscar’s first couture show in 2012 from the fittings to the runway, every year he gets more creative and keeps building his own unique vision, making nice collaborations with other artists like Cruz Diez with whom he created his SS2014 collection and just showed in Art Basel. Here are some of my favorite moments of his Save your Soul collection.

As a  photographer the biggest gift I can get are moments, those where you need to be keen aware to capture them forever, because they may never repeat themselves even if you try to set up the scenario and make people go along with it. A moment is a moment you either recognize it and live it (capture it) or you get distracted and miss it, wether you are a photographer or not. So, I guess it is a nice philosophy to keep the photographer eye in daily life and get surprised and amused of those little instants that will stay with us forever.

Be in the moment.



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