Gareth Pugh SS2014

GarethPughss2014_9323 GarethPughSs2014_9336 GarethPughSs2014_9331 GarethPughss2014_9324 GarethPugh_9337 GarethPughss2014_9293 GarethPughSS2014_9338 GarethPughSS2014_9330

There is always a theatrical touch to all of Gareth Pugh’s shows, sometimes dark, sometimes light. Last Spring sumer there was true contrast, between the colors and the textures. Hard fabrics with flowy fabrics, high volume feathers with sleek hair do’s. But my favorite of all contrasts black and white, darkness and light, one can’t exist without the other, one makes the other.

Be in Contrast,




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