Allude in the Chapel

Allude FW 2014

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For more than 20 years Andrea Karg  the creative director of Allude has been creating collections using the material that began it all for her : cashmere, this expertise has given her the “surname” in the industry of the Queen of Cashmere. For the last 2 years Karg has shown her collections in Paris, and each season she is developing more the collection, adding interesting pret-a-porter items but more importantly creating unique cashmere pieces that go far beyond of what we would thing is the cashmere sweater or coat.  The last season she showed her collection inside the beautiful chapel of the Beaux Arts in Paris, between old paintings and statues the collection was sublimed in a unique way. Andrea is quite respected by the German fashion press all the major editors and journalist where there.  With this collection we have the most sophisticated pieces to stay warm and happy.

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