Masha Ma Poetry and Drama

Masha Ma FW 2014

Masha_MaFW2014IMG_5479 Masha_MaFW2014IMG_5480 Masha_MaFw2014IMG_5475 Masha_MaFW2014IMG_5504-2 Masha_MaFw2014IMG_5483 Masha_MaFW2014IMG_5506 Masha_Mafw2014IMG_5478 Masha_MaFW2014IMG_5482 Masha_MaFw2014IMG_5509 Masha_MaFW2014IMG_5510

Masha Ma is a chinese designer that graduated from Central Saint Martin’s College, she has a been assisting great master like Mr. MCQueen himself. She has been showing in the last seasons in the official calendar. I love her style because you can feel the drama of who she worked for but with her own personality. Little by little with her unique propositions and style she is making her position in the fashion world as one of the upcoming chinese designers.

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