Amaya Arzuaga SS 2012

Pretty in Pink

As the different fashion weeks approach I get more excited, and more on the announcement of my new project in development (An Online Magazine) days get busy and excting. As my first dream was to meet my child hood idols (I still have not met them all!!) I have the new dream of discovering the ones of the future not only from Paris, Milan or London but also those in the upcoming countries, Berlin, Madrid, India, Istanbul and Tokyo, it is time to give the spotlight to their talent and creativity. The first stop Berlin and the second Madrid. Soon you will have all the pictures, in the meantime here is a preview of one os Spain’s rising talents, Amaya Arzuaga, represente by Totem Fashion, she gives us a vision of inocence and femminity, stated by the colors and cuts. She has presented her collection in Madrid, Paris and Milan and being sold in more than 37 counties. Olé for the upcoming wonders!

Get ready to dicover



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