Ines de la Fressange

La Parisienne

Many people talk about and try to describe what “Parisian” style is.  For me it is difficult to describe in words, that is why I use pictures. Ines de la Fressange current sopekesperson for L’oreal and the eternal muse of Karl Lagerfeld is the perfect example of parisian style. Besides being a model, she also was a designer, and now is the head of the Roger Vivier house, that she helped re-launch, and last year she has put together one of the chikes Paris books where she puts all her favorite spots in Paris, called La Parisienne. She wears thins that are simple (they don’t necessarily come our of the latest Chanel or Balenciaga fashion show) but look great, they go with her personality that is simple yet charming. Here she is wearing a simple black Lacoste Polo, kaki yellow pants and sandals. Her accessories (bangles and golden necklase) give the classy touch to the whole look. So if you want to be a little “parisian” and have that “non-chalant- elegance”, you don’t have to go running to avenue Montaigne , just get a nice t shirt, some cool pants and accessorize them with a nice accesory that has a meaning, and… don’t forget to bring your beautiful personality.

Be Non-Chalant



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  1. YAvidan! yo me compre ese libro! y me encanto! y a mi tia tambien tanto que se lo tuve que regalar! besps

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