Giorgio Armani Privé FW 2011

The Armani Smile

I am so excited about this post, these are the moments that excite me personally as Yavidan and as a photographer, being able to be real close to people I have admired for so long, and being able to capture the moment in a whole an not just a picture. Here is Giorgio Armani at the end of his Haute Couture show in Paris last July, he was the last one to come out after Cate Balnchet and provoked quite a stir with this exit. As he went out calmly where I got those first pictures, you see the calmness and posture of this business genius that has turned his creativity into an empire, walking and smiling humbly to the press, a real “Senor” I would say in Mexico. As he gets closer to the gate 10 body guards surround him to just walk him through the other side of the building!!! As we all walk we notice Armani’s small but powerful silhouette in the middle of these enormous bodyguards, I could not get a picture but at some point I think Armani was laughing his head out, quite cute in the middle of this intense scene. At the end as a true gentlemen, he does a little salute (president style) to his fans. I just love that silent power.

Be Powerful



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