Stephane Rolland FW 2011

Architect of Beauty

When I received the invitation of Stephane Rolland’s FW Show and saw it would be held in The Cite de l’Architecture, I was not surprised, Rolland’s dresses are an architectural master piece, and this museum is the best venue to compliment his vision. As every dress passed by I was awed (as well as the crowd) by their beauty and unique construction, you see columns, sculptures and volumes that construct the dresses in a unique way that is Rolland’s trademark, I see the way he plays with shapes as one day Balenciaga did, not many designers today have that touch of creating trademark silhouettes like he does. Besides being such a creative genius, Stephane has a gracious personality, sure of himself but at the same time shy and sweet (and yes the hair I would love to have!). I love these pictures of him because I feel his emotion, that moment at the end of the show where you feel everything has come together successfully and you just close your eyes and affirm to yourself (I made it!) and then bow gracefully as a sign of gratitude, I just love it, after seeing such creations and this feelings at the end is very moving, it is the biggest gift of creativity I think.



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