Roland Mouret FW 2011

Feminine Sophistication

Roland Mouret’s story is a little cinderella for the fashion world, the story says Scarlett Johanssen entered by accident to his store by trying to escape from paparazzis, there she saw the dresses and fell in love, bought many and this began his public life, today VIctoria Beckham and Dita Von Teese are also regular clients. I personally love his dresses they are made to make you look feminine, flatter the women’s figure and are elegant, what else do you want!!!. I entered this show last minute and I was in the floor besides the starting point of the girls, another photo challenge for Violeta Purple, but I love these because you have a very different angle than other photographers, and it is great. As for the salute at the ending Mouret is the Houdini time, “Now I am here, now I am not” .

Just have an amazing weekend!



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