Roberto Cavalli : Just Cavalli FW 2011

Salute Cavalli Style

If there is a part during Fashion shows I love it is the end when the designer salutes, for many photographers their job is done with the last dress or a little shot of the designer, for me there can be a whole story behind this moment or one of my best pictures, I guess it comes from the fact I wanted to be a designer myself, and every time I watched the shows it thrilled me to see this part, when they go out to thank their audience in some way  for being there and also this moment is the end of many, many hours of hard work of them and their team, that is why I find it important. Many designers are shy and they come in and out like Houdini, you have to be fast to get them, but Roberto Cavalli, who I adore and admire really enjoys this part and you can see it, lovely to watch him and his wife, she stands sweet and strong and makes a great compliment to Roberto, I think that is why their collections are so good. Recently the fashion house celebrated their 40th birthday and Suzy Menkez interviewed him, and asked him, what is your secret of success? and he answered : Don’t look for your luck, believe in yourself and your luck will come to you…, I am definitely applying that one.




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