Jean Paul Gaultier : James Blond


James Bond Gaultier Style

The Blond James Bond


The bad guy?

The Bond Girl

The Master

Grand Finale!

Between all the excitement I forgot to post my comment on the show itself, it was a wonderful interpretation of James Bond by Jean Paul Gaultier, as reporters came to him to ask how did he come with the inspiration, he said , I asked my self what if he was Blond?  and under this idea he created the collection mixing the different element of the James Bond Movie, the beginning with a band of chinese acrobats, the music and the eclectic models specially the long haired one’s that made you hesitate ton their gender, it was a great mix of Bond, a little Almodovar and pure Gaultier. Let me ask you what he asked every body who approached him, Vous preferez le brune ou le blonde? …

To see the whole collection please visit here


With the acrobats that opened the show

Signing a fans shirt

Letting a fan kiss him

Just being himself

Making Yavidan’s dreams come true

Amazing Gaultier


I still have butterflies in the stomach of what I lived today, I have dreamt of this in some way or another of this moment since I arrived to Paris 4 years ago, my favorite designer in France is Jean Paul Gaultier, I admire his creativity, his passion and that childlike joy that very few people have just look at him run in the runway. I did not have an invitation for the show and really I just went to take some pictures of what goes on around the show, that I will share with you soon, and standing there between the crowd the security guard calls me in , I thought it was not me there where a lot of people waiting to go in without an invitation, I was a little frizzed but here we go, to continue this fashionable adventure, I can’t really describe the joy and excitement I feel and it is not to brag but to give the message of keep those dreams alive one way or the other destiny will help you make them come true, don’t worry about the how, follow your gut, take action and have faith.

It is like that that the Extraordinaire happens.

As a little note that white Vespa is a special thanks to someone who was a cherry in the cake of the day. With nice company, champagne and great conversation 😉

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