Outside the Show

For the Fashionistos

Luis Fernando Barreto

The Bag is made from a recycled monkey coat.

This original blue accessory is made out of recycled pants!!

Blue Duo: Luis & Pierre

Perfect Blue March

As I was outside the the Walter Van Beirendonck (I will do a resume on him) show waiting to go in I came cross some nice fashion moments, one of the joys of fashion week is what goes on outside, sometimes is more exciting than what goes inside, there are alot of creative, daring and very stylish people that present themselves with their most extravagant creation to get the attention of the press, bloggers and even fashion editors, this duo had the luck of being spotted by Anna Dello Russo in front of the Balmain show, who impressed by their look took them inside the show when they did not have an invitation, so going far on your look can pay big, but most of all it is a pleasure to let fashion be a maximum expression of your self.

As the second look I found it simply perfect, authentic and stylish playing with color and class.

Today make the choice to have a fashionable day and get a little creative to let your look be an accent of the amazing you.

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