Jeremy Kost

Almost Famous



I had the pleasure to assist to the opening of the exhibition of Jeremy Kost @ Galerie Nuke in Paris. This is his fourth exhibition in the city of lights. I had the ipportunity to chat with him about his work and the inspiration for this particular show. The title is Always the Center of Attention, when I asked him, why has he chosen this title he said he wanted to describe what being famous was, or felt like. His technique mixes lithography and photography, inspired on Andy Wharhol’s work. My favorite picture that I show with Jeremy, Kate Moss coming out of the MiuMiu show, showing the frenzy of the iconic model come out of the show with bodyguards, paparazzis waiting, the everyday routine when someone is “famous”, Jeremy took this picture from behind her . Simply cool. I love unexpected encounters and learning about the inspirations of Artists.
Be an Artist,

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