Salma Hayek & Francois Pinault

 I hesitated to post this photos because I am not super happy with the quality is not superb, ti was already dark and between not having a flash and other photographers flashes I have   some burn out in the photos, but I liked the moments. I really like the couple of Salma Hayek and his husband Francois Pinault (Owner go Gucci – Group) they always attend the main shoes of the brands that belong to the group, in this case it was Yves Saint Laurent ss 2012 in Paris in the Hotel Rotchild. I like the “complicite” between those two, how Salma shines on but Pinault stands always nicely besides her, like couples should be (famous or not 🙂 ) just compliment each other. So here you have a chicly moment with some star romance.

Be Romantic,



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