Best Dressed Couples 2011 – 2012

Together in Love & Style

Yes, the flowers, chocolates, love day is here. What better way to celebrate it than with some fashionable Love moments. Here I put together the couples and the looks that I think make a good synergy between a very nice couple and their complimenting style and as I look at the pictures I think their must be not only compatible in their dressing, but in their relationship. I start with Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson who I have seen in Paris several times during the fashion shows, they really are so cute and always look stunning and in love (Yes U hate them in a good way 🙂 ). The my other favorite Duo Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale (both pictures are from Cannes), who I think they are the definition of cool-authentic style with that tock touch they both have, I just love it. Lastly I leave you with what independently I think is a fashion moment with Beyonce and JZ that simply took the carpet away in this year’s New York Met Gala, it is true that Beyonce’s Pucci dress can steel the red carpet, but JZ cool-elegant white smoking just made the match :). I wish you all a wonderful day and I dedicate this post to all my friends!!! and to the very stylish-sweet guy that will cross my way one of these days ;).

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