The Best of Avedon For Versace

Super Models

In these days designers and brands are lucky and have a good budget or friends to be able to have a famous model in their campaigns (Kate Moss, Lara Stone, Daria, Stella Tenant), you can not easily  afford to have all of them in one (with some exceptions like Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana) but still when the concept of Super Model was at its Height (90’s) Versace  launched these ads with the magic click of Richard Avedon  featuring Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer, Stephanie Seymour, Nadja Urman and of  course Cindy Crawford when she was still married to Richard Gere (useless fact!). This was in 1994, today 2011 some of these girls are still in major international campaigns, almost 20 years later!, imagine the vision Gianni and Donatella Versace had at that time.  Just a little weekend vintage moment :).



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