Shoes in America

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It has been a long time I have not posted anything, I have been busy with life and to be honest looking for that inspiration that sometimes eludes us, but as were look deeper we are sitting on it we just have to stop looking and start opening and maybe sometimes looking on your past work and roots. I am very excited about a project that will come out in September where my work will be available for many to purchase if they desire, the involvement of this project has made me look at my work from the beginning and rediscover things I was passionate about and some points that I think are my trademarks, like in those visits to an old suitcase you find things you have forgotten about and smile, when I started my affair with photography I had a passion for shoes and I photographed here and there, mainly in Paris and in the blog you can find many of my shoes in Paris collection that I did in collaboration with Walter Steiger. I had forgotten I had taken one of the famous Pairs in vacation with me a few years ago, in 2012 and photographed them in Atlanta!! It was a nice surprise, there I was in a Mc Donalds drive way at 7 am playing around, the results are super fun. For the moment I share with you this one, but in September I will share the rest as the prints go for sale.

As to close the post, I have learnt something as an Artist these days. Sometimes we forget the base of our work that is in  the path undertaken, why we started doing what we do, how at those moments there was a thrill that came from an innocent place just trying to create and express its imagination; just for the pleasure of it, not trying to create something to be liked, to sell or be popular, and it is in those moments that we truly are authentic , and our history is filled of those moments and when we lovingly look back we reconnect with our inspiration and we remember it is all in there, we just have to stop looking outside.

Be Extraordinaire,

Yavidan Violeta


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