The Light

Nina Ricci SS16


I almost have seen all the shows I wanted to see until now and met the people I wanted to meet since I started my Fashion Dreams journey, serendipities and luck have taken me to the right places at the right times,  I always say that when you want something something out there gets in motion and gets you to it if you truly believe in your dreams and your luck. I still love fashion maybe not in the same way I did when I started when it was all new, today what thrills me is different I get excited more as an artist and photographer to get those moments that I will remember forever, maybe when I am 90 somewhere telling about my Paris adventure when I was young to a willing crowd, my excitement will always come from catching moments, I like to call them mementoes, they have nothing to do with the clothes they are about something else, the light, the presence, the color, for me that is the part that excites my heart, for today I do love beautiful clothes and would love to have them all, but it is the moments, the people that will stay in my heart. I am so grateful to see what I see, even if sometimes I think it may be banal and shallow and senseless, but all in all beauty can never be denied however it comes. Here is a moment from the last Nina Ricci show, I feel this picture explains clearly what I am trying to say. in whatever you do , look for the memorable as life is about the moments you live, the pictures that you don’t only take with your phone or your camera but those that you take with your heart.

Be Memorable.


Yavidan V.

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