Alber’s Exit

Lanvin SS16


I just read yesterday the article of Alexandre Fury about his thoughts on fashion this 2015, It has been a year that has consolidated that fashion is becoming fully and completely a business where numbers and speed are the most important thing, “create more, faster, sell it faster and sell more” making artistic directors work like creative machines and looking at consumers as fashionistas that will consume, consume these “novelties” every month, when before fashion, yes it always had business in mind the objective of selling and growing but somewhere it felt that there was a creative heart and a desire to not only to sell but marvel us with original ideas, possibilities and shows, I have been truly in the business for a short time in difference of some that have been in this for more than 20, that where tight on the spot when I was 15 browsing magazines and dreaming on and of this world, today as much as they criticize ZARA or H & M the fashion and luxury industry are looking to earn more with the disposable fashion mentality, but more expensive, is this really the sense of fashion? Shouldn’t fashion be a tool a way to express ourselves more than follow others to belong and try to catch the latest trend, shouldn’t creative directors have true space to create and truly make us dream instead of only consume or aspire to the unatainable through consumption, a true sense of self and authenticity. This on the philosophical side, on a the actual industry side the effect of this model makes the true talents fly away out of exhaustion and boredom , Raff Simons leaves Dios which I kind of expected as one could see in the last collections a sense of boredom, a lack of passion and playing it safe, but the truly surprising departure was that of Alber Elbaz of Lanvin , he truly gave a soul to a brand that was a sleeping beauty, loved by customers and journalists, like Gaultier one smiles when one goes to a Lanvin show there is always some emotion and joy, for me is special as one of my first shows was Lanvin , a special moment 🙂 and Alber’s vision was indeed appropriate for the brand and the times, last November closed in Paris the exhibition in the European Museum of photography where there was a 10 year re-count of his work at the house , maybe he knew he would leave and wanted to narrate his experience in the house, just until then Alber was not involved at all with social media,no instagram, no computer no thing, he left the house last October and in November he opened his instagram account, this departure is a new beginning for him , the question is what will happen to fashion, will the dream be lost and turned into a creative factory that has the same philosophy as a High Street brand or will there be a re-boot , who will go into Dior , to Lanvin , where will Alber go? who will make us dream? I leave you with some moments of the Lanvin Show, which at the moment I did not know it would be Alber’s last :(.

To be continued.



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