Valentino from the top

Valentino SS 21016



The Valentino SS16 show was my 5th anniversary of my Fashion Dreams adventure, five years ago a day like this one, I borrowed a camera from a friend and discovered that one world I thought was out of reach was just around the corner waiting for me to discover it, that day I did not go in he Valentino show but I did capture Mr. Valentino come out the show and get into his care prosecuted  by journalists and paparazzis, a highlight of all my adventure, I have seen this man in Hola magazine and Vogue as I was growing up and there he was in front of me, I need not to mention this day changed my life, but if you have been following the blog you already know that.  Fast forward this year the company that is behind the production of the show is my client, and I did not only get in, but I guess I had one of the best views of the house, my cherry in the cake, which I couldn’t put in photo, this time I saw Valentino arrive by the backstage and simply said Ciao!, If you want to know how it all start 5 years ago click here. To close the only thing I can confirm you it is that life has it all planned out when it comes to what you want from heart, it arrives in a perfect way and perfect timing, be true to yourself, work hard, listen to your heart and trust, everything is working out in a perfect way, even when it seems it does not, just trust and align.

Be Extraordinaire.

Love Yavidan V.

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