Valentino Red

Valentino FW 2015

ValentinoFW2015_3842 ValentinoFW2015_3843 ValentinoFW2015_3844

It is very rare that a designer can truly own a color, it is practically impossible, it can happen in art like Blue of Klein, but in fashion it is literally impossible, but like always in life when you find that one thing that truly distinguishes you and master it, you own it and people recognize it ( A little food of thought beyond fashion). Valentino Garavani, better know as Valentino did take ownership of a color: RED, when people in the fashion world think of the most amazing red dress they think of Valentino. Even though the iconic designer is now longer at the creative throne of the brand that still holds his name, his successors have not only  honored the core values of beauty, feminity and elegance but in every collection there is that red piece ( Here is one of my all time favorites) Last March at Fall Winter shows this was the piece. a transparent dream of flow and light.

Find your trademark and own it fully,


Yavidan V

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