Versace Memento

Candid Beauty VersaceHauteCouture201512591259 VersaceHauteCouture201512611261 VersaceHauteCouture201512641264 VersaceHauteCouture201512621262 VersaceHauteCouture201512661266 VersaceHauteCouture201512651265 VersaceHauteCouture201512671267

Here comes Couture week again in Paris, this time it is summer presenting winter. I have to confess that I am loosing sometimes that inspiration in the shows, I feel more and more they are all becoming the same. As a photographer, a storyteller. But yesterday I remembered what was my joy in the beginning of my blog, catching moments, those you can’t ever recreate, the person, the circumstance, the dress, the all create that unique portrait that you are lucky to catch . Indeed many times the show is outside the show. Here is Doutzen Kroes , one of the former Victoria Secret models, she left the show wearing the one dress she modeled creating an unforgettable moment with her compelling beauty , I mean who looks like that in real life! Just beautiful, glad I was there to catch this Candid beauty moment.

Be Candid.


Yavidan V.

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