Dior Haute Couture SS 2015


DiorHauteCoutureSS201512151215 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512141214 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512371237 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512241224 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512251225 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512261226 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512281228 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512291229 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512381238 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512411241 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512311231 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512321232 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512351235 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512391239 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512301230 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512401240 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512431243 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512331233 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512581258 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512441244 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512451245 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512471247 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512571257 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512491249 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512511251 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512521252 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512421242 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512531253 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512551255 DiorHauteCoutureSS201512561256as

As promised here are those Dior Imperfect moments, hands here, blurry there and the blond woman with her phone, it is all part of the show and the story.

Be Imperfectly Perfect,



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