Dior Moment

The Dress, The Blond and Her Phone

DiorHauteCoutureSS201512421242I have to say I missed blogging and going about my photos, the last months I was not inspired, but that is over I am inspired again and preparing new posts , many nice moments to share. As I was going through the last Dior Couture photos at first I was annoyed as I felt I had no perfect pictures, there was always something or someone, well a blonde and her phone! you will see tomorrow what I mean, but this picture explains best I guess! But I love it, as it is a pure moment, the reason I love photography, I capture moments  sometimes as though I would have a manual camera and you just get what you get and that is great! So here you have my favorite dress on the last collection of Simmons for Dior with an uninvited guest but it kind of makes it unique, just as it should be 🙂 . I believe the perfection of the moment is hidden in all its imperfections.  Makes sense?

Be Imprefect!



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