Boy George

Laughing and Bowing

BoyGeorge_8078 BoyGeorge_8079

Boy George as many recall is the 80’s star super star that had one hit wonders like Karma Chamaleon when he was part of Culture Club, his eccentric androgynous style and unique voice lead him to a solo career, influenced by big stars like David Bowie and  Iggy Pop. I just remember him for his big hit Crying Game where I remember I did not know if he was a woman or a man, I guess is a man for what I saw last FW  before the Vivienne Westwood show and quite a cool, as I arrived to the Westin I hear people shouting  Boy, Boy and I turned and this is the shot I got a pure Boy George moment. Being monday you can start in a happy joyful way listening to Karma Chamaleon.

Be Surprised ,



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