Met Gala 2015

Red Carpet Carnival

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The Met Gal is the best Red Carpet show that there is, not even the Oscars or Golden Globes, the best of fashion gathers at the Metropolitan museum, that every year gives a theme to the evening and exposition. To this evening not only celebrities attend but also fashion designers and models.  This year was China, not every attendee considers the theme to dress up, but some do, this year Rihanna took it all the way wearing an extraordinary creation from  Guo Pei, a chinese couturier that took 2 years to create this dress. Rihanna found the designer in the internet and thought his creations embody best the chinese tradition. For Guo Pei it was the lottery in terms of exposure, this will be one of the most talked about fashion moments of the year, don’t be surprised if in the nest Oscars more celebrities are wearing his dress. Going to the general panorama of the Met , there where some very nice dresses, but I preferred to post the wonderful candid photos that took Phil Oh for vogue that I think have a nice soul of these fashion moments. But I guess no one will beat Rihanna’s moment for a while!

Be Extravagant,


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