Creative Duo – Childhood Friends




Recently I had the opportunity to discover the Parisian up and coming pre-a-porter brand Roseanna founded by Childhood friends RoxaneThiery and Anne-Fleur Broudehoux seven years ago. Both grew up in Lille and worked in fashion before launching their own line. Anne-Fleur studied fashion marketing and tooka role in Alberta Ferreti for 5 years and Roxanne who took Fashion design at Esmod worked for several years at Bash. With these backgrounds they compliment each other as on is more extroverted and commercial while the other more introverted and creative.

They originally started with a swimsuit collection, that was very urban and seen more as an fashion accessory, a fashionable option among the competitors of the time. From their first collection they had a positive response from important buyers like Printemps, that immediately asked what they would do next season that was winter, the obvious response was lingerie and eventually homewear which would be the direct opportunity to start in everyday clothes.

Today they continue to have swimwear but the heart of the business are the clothes that have a distinctive Parisian style “raffine-negligee” which for me is the best way to describe this Parisian “je-ne-sais-pas-quoi” that makes all women just look great. So if you want a little “touché” authentically Parisian go check their website and find your love.

It was a true pleasure meeting this creative duo, that shows that some childhood dreams can come true, aca create an amazing fashion brand with your former Barbie buddy ! J . That is cool!

Be Extraordinaire,


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