The Heroines of Manish

Manish Arora FW 2015

ManishAroraAW15_2656 ManishAroraAW15_2614 ManishAroraAW15_2630 ManishAroraAW15_2641 ManishAroraAW15_2653 ManishAroraAW15_2644

Manish Arora always manages to put a big smile in our faces, his creativity mixed with his innate joy will always manage to mark his shows and as a result mark us as a public too. In days where fashion tends to have a more serious face it is always welcomed to have those who arouse our inner child instead of our inner critic. This season the theme where “Heroines” that took inspirations from different cultures and ethnic groups and using extraordinary craftsmanship that is part of his core values and of course all clothes have a story front and back like us :). I goes after this inspirations we are ready to create our own image as a Heroine :).

Be Heroic,



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