La Brasserie de Chanel

Chanel FW 2015

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Last fashion week Karl Lagerfeld impressed us all as always with his “Brasserie Gabrielle” creating the most fashionable cafe the world has seen to date. As we all came in we where greeted by waiters and all bar counters where ready to serve us breakfast or champagne in that matter. All important tables in the middle where already reserved, of course and I am almost sure Coco’s soul must have been seating amused in one of them, analyzing every part of the collection and guests as she must have done when she was alive in rue Cambon. All the top models where there from Cara, Lindsey to Kendall, Ana and Suzy had their special table too. The collection, it was beautiful for what I perceived, just that sometimes you are so mesmerized by the show, that even in the end when we had an opportunity to see all models up close, we where all worried on getting photos of the moment for our pleasure or our instagram that we have forgotten the clothes… at least me. Well I do remember one piece vividly which I think wil be a collector, the plates bag, just Brilliant! as one of my dearest friends would say!

Bon Apetit!



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