Dries Van Noten AW 2015

Concepts and Art

DriesVanNotenaw15_2245 DriesVanNotenaw15_2302There is one designer in the whole fashion week that has everybody raving, it is not a comment in the air or politics bluff, it is just admiration of the truth. Dries Van Noten achieves two things every season in a very extraordinary way, the first one show us that he can create indeed something unique, keeping his own style (it is not a question of “deja-vu” , it is pure “Dries” as the press raves. On the second hand he achieves something even harder, think of concepts, of mixing, look at the “chino” pieces of clothing in our closets differently, that we can mix them in a way to look elegant and stylish when he puts together a long Chino coat with a full sequin dress you are truly making a statement, I bet you are looking at those GAP pieces differently now, specially those of us that still can’t buy one of this amazing pieces!! But soon :). Yes he makes us dream, think and and want to be creative which is not easy in fashion this days where fashion is fast and disposable in many ways.

Be Creative

Love you Dries!


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