Blue and Coral

Julien Fournie Haute Couture SS 2014

JulienFournieHauteCoutureSS201510751075 JulienFournieHauteCoutureSS201510791079 JulienFournieHauteCoutureSS201510761076 JulienFournieHauteCoutureSS201510801080 JulienFournieHauteCoutureSS201510771077 JulienFournieHauteCoutureSS201510811081 JulienFournieHauteCoutureSS201510821082 JulienFournieHauteCoutureSS201510781078JulienFournieHauteCoutureSS201510831083This season Julien Fournie showed a more sensitive-sober of himself, for the past two seasons he has moved away that “futuristic-plastic” inspiration and gone to a softer place. This Spring Summer he took us to a middle eastern – african trip with sensual fabrics and amazing jewels, that are pieces of art in themselves, some ancient queen would have placed an order I am sure :). The blue dresses both the sequin one and silk as the intense red coral necklaces stayed as a moment with me and of course with my camera, it has been a long time where I have not captured just that moment-provoking dress, here is one.

Be Intense.



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