The Big Bow

Alexis Mabille Haute Couture SS 205

AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510591059 AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510601060 AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510611061 AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510621062 AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510641064 AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510631063 AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510681068 AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510651065 AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510691069 AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510661066 AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510711071 AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510671067 AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510721072 AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510701070 AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510731073 AlexisMabilleHauteCoutureSS201510741074

Sometimes in life and in shows you are not exactly at the best position to look at things, but there are two options either you complain and petty yourself or you make the best of it, you look for the right angle, the hidden opportunity, the other light, and with this in mind you may as well be surprised and in the middle of some “bad takes” you can end up with some very nice moments. Here is a perfect example, in my last Alexis Mabille show I had quite a challenging position to take photos but I love the challenge and I did my best, also the collection was very nice which made my challenge feasible. For his 10th anniversary Alexis indeed has shown he has matured and can come with some recognizable pieces with his own stamp, satin fabrics, architectural silhouettes and of course bows! his trademark, the closing dress was indeed like a Birthday present dress, that managed to look very elegant and unique even though it had a giant bow. Big congratulations to Alexis and his first successful decade.

Be Resourceful.



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