Being Dita

Dita Von Teese

DitaVonTeeseCouture10551055 DitaVonTeeseCouture10581058 DitaVonTeeseCouture10571057

I think if there is a celebrity that by being herself provokes extraordinary moments is Dtia Von Teese, her impeccable look and femininity mixed with innate glamour make her irresistible to photographers and designers. I have followed her from day one of my fashion adventure (not intended) she just happened to be there. In the last Couture shows she was leaving the Elie Saab show just before me, climbing the stairs in her 1o cm heels, walking with strength and grace, I could say her body guard could not keep up with her, yet in all this speed her Ditaness is always there, you don’t need to look her from the front to see who she is, she just is from her temple to her toes. Photos talk for themselves, Dita should write a book on being-ness.

 I think all women have that -ness- that can make them irresistible , it starts with fully being yourself and then letting the way you dress and carry yourself be a compliment of that, become just the queen of your life, it all starts inside, make life your red carpet as a very close friend thought me.

Be You in an extraordinary-ordinary way.



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