Zuhair Murad Couture SS 2015

Couture Moments

ZuhairMuradCoutureFW201510341034ZuhairMuradCoutureFW2015_1726 ZuhairMuradCoutureFW201510371037 ZuhairMuradCoutureFW201510421042 ZuhairMuradCoutureFW2015_1727 ZuhairMuradCoutureFW201510401040 ZuhairMuradCoutureFW201510411041 ZuhairMuradCoutureFW201510361036 ZuhairMuradCoutureFW201510431043 ZuhairMuradCoutureFW2015_1728 ZuhairMuradCoutureFW201510381038 ZuhairMuradCoutureFW2015_1740

Zuhair Murad has gained his coveted place inside the official calendar of the Parisian Haute Couture Week, his exceptional creations that are sometimes compared to his fellow country man Elie Saab (I think they are similar but he really has his own romantic streak) . Every season he can go from gold to pastels keeping his majestic inspirations transforming them in “the dress” affluent clients and celebrities will wear in that special occasion. Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift  are loyal clients that choose his dresses to walk down the red carpet. I have had the privilege to follow him for the last 5 years, some of his shows wether in the form of a fashion show or a presentation have been among my favorites. Check them out here. I can say he is just getting better and better. Here are my favorite dresses of the last show.

Be in Evolution.



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